'Erna Sinnige Art' has the right to deliver an order in parts. For partially deliveries, no extra costs will be charged.

If and when an order is unexpectedly delivered incomplete or erroneous, the Customer has to report this within 7 days after reception. Only then the order will be redelivered or completed at the expense of 'Erna Sinnige Art', or in consultation an other solution may be considered.

If the delivery of (a part of) an order is delayed, 'Erna Sinnige Art' will inform the Customer within 3 days after acceptance of the order. The Customer then has the right to cancel only the delayed part of the order within 7 days by mail or email. Payments concerning the cancelled part of the order will be refunded within 30 days after cancellation.

Promised delivery deadlines never will be binding. When changes in data and/or circumstances, whatever the foresee-ability thereof, causes a delay, the delivery of the order can accordingly be delayed.
When an order is delayed, the Customer has to inform 'Erna Sinnige Art' thereof in writing, after which 'ESD' has to be given a reasonable period of time to deliver the order.
Deviation of given delivery periods or data’s, whatever the cause maybe, never gives the customer the right to claim damages of any kind.
Order will usually be delivered by the Post as a letter or standard packet.
It is also possible to collect the order.
Per order, depending on the destination, a contribution for handling and shipment will be charged.