Brighten up someone's day....


Looking for a unique gift...

A portrait is a handmade and unique illustration of your house, animal or otherwise in consultation.

It's also an personal and unique gift!


My paintings and illustrations are hand drawn and I love to combine different techniques and materials such as aquarel, fineliners, light fast pencils and gauche.  

I love nature and try to use the most eco friendly  materials.


An illustration portrait adds unique image and a personal note to abstract context!

Are you looking for unique illustrations for your article? Or do you want to surprise someone with an original gift?

My work is for countless purposes....


I'm really passionate about my work and so happy that my dream to make portraits and illustrations has come true!


I hope you enjoy my art.


 XX  Erna Sinnige




huisportret, tekening van je huis, potlood en pen, Erna Sinnige, Erna Wijninga
huisportret,  potlood en pen,  tekening van je huis, Erna Sinnige, Erna Wijninga, portrait du maison.
huisportret,  tekening van je huis, portrait maison, Erna Sinnige, Erna Wijninga, potlood en pen

art commission  Erna Sinnige potlood en pen